About me

An engineer by qualifications and an astrologer by profession,  I get into the minutest details of your horoscope and offer consultation to no more than two to three individuals/couples each week. The rest of the time is taken up preparing and interpreting your horoscope.My consultations are through personal meetings, Skype or phone at a mutually agreed predetermined time.

  • Don’t just exist. Live!

  • Astrological Consultancy.
  • Accurate guidance.
  • 29 years experience.

What does this astrologer do for you?

I specialize in Astrology and Vastu. To a great extent these fields are interlinked.


Additional to preparing and interpreting your horoscope carefully, I take a reading of your palms. The palm of the dominant hand is important since this clearly shows the influence of your parents and society on your personality. When I correlate this with your horoscope it helps towards achieving a greater accuracy.

    • I do the reading of the palm either in person or via hand prints that are scanned and sent across by my followers.
    • The forecasts I make are approximately for 1 year based on the dates that are of consequence. 
    • Equally importantly I put in my best endeavors towards:
      1. Personal guidance to make the best out of this life.
      2. Career advice and recommendations.
      3. Guidance to achieve the most in your relationship.
      4. Guidance towards creating value if you’re an entrepreneur


This relates to the study of geopathic, electrical and magnetic energies and stresses directly linked to our homes, offices, factories and other structures. When these energies and stresses are balanced in order to follow a positive course, it leads to peace, happiness and progress. Whether you are buying a property or wish to create harmony within your existing home, office, production facility or even institutional buildings and warehouses, I offer my services so that you can immediately begin experiencing the vast benefits by channeling and consolidating the forces of positive energies.

You shall find more details by going to Vastu section.


By utilizing and accessing my services for Astrology or Vastu and/or by requesting and/or receiving astrological interpretations, consultations and/or advice through me, you agree to release me of any and all liability. All advice is offered to the best of my ability and in good faith and in no way do I suggest that you must stop consulting your doctor, lawyer, architect or any other professional that you may be consulting or have plans to consult.