A good part of Vastu relates to magnetic sensitivity, the magnetic forces, their fluctuations and alignment with respect to the Sun and the Moon. This sensitivity to magnetic forces has been observed and studied among animals by eminent scientists over the decades and many a research has been conducted to establish that animals are actually sensitive to the magnetic forces and actively respond to these forces. We humans possess the same instinctual qualities but with the passage of time and modernization we  have greatly lost touch with our own instincts and feelings and depend almost entirely on logic. At the same time these magnetic forces, the flow of light, the flow of air and water in our place of living or work, play an important role in our well being and progress.

Let good luck and health reign in your home and office

Creating a healthy home and office is a matter of living in harmony with the energies of the Earth.

Why do we feel comfortable in one part of our home and restless in another? Irrespective of shade and sunshine, why do plants and trees flourish in one part of our yard than another? Why does a particular region of a country prosper more than another? Why is one home considered lucky and another not?

The ancient scriptures, including Feng Shui and Vastu have had the answers for thousands of years. The modern world we live in, with internet, electronics and all, has led us away from our own feelings and we seek scientific explanations to most things. Interestingly yet, despite living in this modern world, many French and Germans  have the sensibility to build their bedrooms away from where they may find an anthill or a wasps nest, knowing that these particular areas have ‘bad energies’ which result in degradation and decay of the mind and the body.  A good many, in the USA and Great Britain depend on dowsers, to help identify the good energy spots in their homes and offices and get help from these water diviners before buying an expensive property.

To give a very basic example :  Why is it healthier to sleep with our head to the west or the east? Simply because the magnetic energy flows horizontally through our bodies when supine in this direction and it flows lengthwise if we sleep with our head to the north or the south, putting excessive pressure on our organs.

Sleeping with your head to the north or the south is to be avoided because in this direction the magnetic energies flows lengthwise and puts excessive pressure on your organs.

Sleeping with your head to the west or the east is more beneficial because the magnetic energy flows horizontally through your bodies.

What does science say ?

The human body is mainly comprised of minerals and water and generates electrical impulses. This allows the cells of the nerves, bones and the brain to communicate within themselves and regenerate. Regeneration of the cells must be healthy through right thoughts and actions for a sound body. 

Research has shown, when there are imbalances in your home or office related to geopathic stresses which is the natural radiation that rises through the Earth, magnetic and electrical stresses, the consequence is imbalances in the body and mind, leading to loss of health and failure. These imbalances result in our cells going out of resonance with each other. The result :

      • Impractical thinking
      • Irritability 
      • Restless sleep
      • Relationship issues
      • Faster aging
      • Cardiovascular problems
      • Neurological disabilities
      • Cancer 

And a host of other problems

What is one to do?

When we think of strong energies we automatically think of positive energies. This is incorrect. There are spots and areas in our homes that can possess exceptionally good energies and other spots and areas that generate bad energies. Therefore, clearing of the geopathic stress areas is important. These are the areas that contribute to rotting.

What do I do?

I specialize in finding practical and feasible solutions.

In order to permanently get rid of ‘bad energies’ I first neutralize the incoming geopathic earth patterns into the house, office or apartment that has already been built by identifying the related zones, areas and grids and clear up the way for good energies to flow and settle in.

If you’re planning a project or re-constructing I co-ordinate with you or your architect to have most things right in order to facilitate a free flow of progressive energies.

Solutions can be as simple as placing plants or a water body in certain areas and rearranging of the furniture or other times a more extensive change has to be undertaken such as the size and location of the main gate, the main door, the interchanging of the use of the rooms, relocating computers and appliances or even building a little rock garden at a particular spot in your apartment or a larger one in the yard of your house to reduce or eliminate the geopathic stress and the magnetic intensity from a particular direction.

This process of ‘Clean up in nature’ brings consistent and unyielding evolution, advancement and rise.